Moroccan Hash

From the moment the Hash is burned in your choice of methods; Bong, Pipe or any other method, the scent remains the same throughout.
As the smoke makes its way through the pipe, past your lips and down your throat, a flavour of soft pine is noticeable, but dampened by the burning aroma of the now charred hash.
As a covert smoke enters the lungs, it is barely noticed inside of the chest and bronchials of the inner workings of the lung system; but this varies depending on how much and how quicky the inhale happens. If the inhale was soft, you may only notice the inhale sensation once the smoke is pushed out of the lungs, but if you drew the smoke in long and hard, you’ll notice it immediately with a fit of coughing.
About 3-5 minutes of elapsed time with no effect, that covert feeling of empty smoke has now announced its presence in a LOUD way.
The high starts with cerebral knock on the door, then kicks the door open and makes you physically feel small, and your head mentally feel bigger then it actually is.
Your eye lids feel low, not quite korean low, droopy and heavy without weight.  Pink blood vessels begin to overtake the whiteness in the Sclera (white part of the eye).
No Mouth dryness occurred throughout the duration of the high or as the high made its way out.
Pressure in the head is noticeable the longer you ride the high.  Pressure may be noticed in the back of the head, or/and the sinuses and may result in a soft to mild headache; depending on your sensitivity
Looking outwards in a first person perspective,  the view of standing on a cliff found on a mountain side, elevated beyond 45,000ft above sea level can be recognized as the first person view gradually pans out to reveal what’s in front of you, and how small you are compared to the Mountain size.
in what seemed to be an hour, but was actually 20 minutes, the view point quickly races back towards you in a first person recognition of fatigue, or a focus of tiredness .
Couch-lock.  The feeling of being fine exactly where you are, not wanting to get up and do anything accept eat.  Hunger for munchies exist rather than food within the first 20-45 minutes.
The feeling of happiness, social acceptance, and overall good balanced emotions.
A welcomed pleasant anxiety feeling may be experience within the chest as mild-heaviness, which is noticeable, but not heavy as in weight in life, but the contrary, as in self satisfaction.
As the high continued to travel and grow, and the pressure originally located in different regions of the head; which felt internal, has now begun to press outwards, as if your body is breathing.
conversations in a social setting will happen, and it may be about things not normally noticed, but  may vary depending on the social setting and environment.
The high began to slow as it made its way down the mountain and hit a leveled point. Self recognition of the high is still there, but not at the height or as loud as it originally was.  This realization happened approximately 1 hr after the initial inhalation, but feels like only 20 minutes has passed.
Puffiness in the lower eye-lid from the high may occur, but may be more noticeable when smiling, as the cheek muscles push the lower eye-lid upwards.
As the high levels out down the ski hill a slowness takes over.
Reggae music may be a choice of music, a beer, and the energy to cook and feed the hungry beast.  At this point hunger is quite noticeable and prevalent.
as the high makes its way to the end, it gradually begins to dissipate in noticeable timeframes, rather than a quick halt, or a lengthy timeframe.


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