Super Sour Diesel

Name: Super Sour Diesel
Origin: Silver Haze Sour Diesel
Type: Sativa
Colour: Bud: Ninja turtle green Yellow Hair: Brown Red
Taste Burnt Diesel Earth
Crystal: Thick Dense Populated
Texture Crispy Dry
Smell/Trihome: Earthy Pungeant
Inhail sensation Soft
Time Till Effect 2-3 minutes
Emotion Feeling: Happy Euphoric Creative Focused Energetic Motivated
THC/CBD 18%-21%
Hunger Mild Strength of Hunger: Mild
Star Rating: ****1/2


Super Sour Diesel announces it’s presence from the moment you allow it to overtake your aromatic sences.
It possess an aroma that is recognizable from the first whiff. A pleasant, welcoming, strong earthy tone.
The flavour would fall in the middle of the opposite spectrum, however.
A flavour that resembles the scent of a log attempting to be burned while it’s wet, and allowed time to heat up long enough to begin to char.  Almost like coal or burning fuel.
With a cerebral high, and the ability to present euphoria and the growth of a social butterfly, this strain can offer times that can be reflected on, because they were shared in a social setting and a social mind state.
This strain may assist in bringing out the person that exists inside of you and allow them the chance to breathe.
Some negatives that happen as the high runs its course are dry lips, dry mouth, a fatique feeling as the high comes down.
mild mental fatique, as the focus allows itself to slow down, almost like a burnout.
The effects of focus would play well for someone with Attention Deficit Hyper Active Disorder (ADHD),
but poor for someone looking to battle insomnia

Paired for the afternoon/evening:
*This is a great strain to finish the latter part of the afternoon; early portion of the evening, after stabilizing ADHD
A good follow-up could be White Kryptonite. Continued energy, but at a lower level, and continued hunger.


Buds provided by: Pharma-Cann

Photos Taken by: @420Talk (instagram)


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