Couldn’t wait

img_0139Here it is, now 6:11pm and I couldn’t wait to finish work and get home to setup my photo shoot of the newest buds which have come in.

Strawberry Diesel; which I have already written about and sampled, so I’ll post that review in a few hours.  Neptune OG and Original 707 Headband, along with 3 strains of hash.

You’re in for a treat with these specisms!

Moroccan Hash, Afghani Hash and Blue Dream Hash.

A review has been written and posted on Moroccan Hash, so don’t hesitate to read up on it and familiarize yourself with its power.

Time to get back to cooking dinner, then resume the shoot after I’ve sterilized my work environment and ensure the best possible review without contamination.

Stay tuned.

Any suggestions on what I should review next?

Send your requests in the comment box, and where I can get it and I’ll write a full review for your viewing pleasure.


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