Strawberry Diesel

A hint of burning coal, followed by an after flavour of mild sweetness is found while inhaling. You’ll notice an instant mellowing of your mood.  If you find you’re typically an extrovert, an introvert my be allowed
to live during this high.  It’s quite easy to have music on and drift away in what the messsage in the song
is telling you, or how the beat makes you feel, and a recognition of what is happening in that present
moment, as well as how that moment makes you feel.
If you suffer from anxiety this may be a strain of choice to aid in relaxing the nerves and allow you to be you, and most important, feel like you.  You may notice that the voices in your head and inner-noise begins to quiet and allow clarity.
if you’re typically an outgoing person, this is a choice strain to aid in letting your day go, transition out of work, or school mode, or even play mode, and to simply just slow things down. You may notice an immense focus for your surroundings, but not in the fore-front of your life, but rather as background noise that you can take focus off of. You can pinpoint the individual environmental sounds being made around you, conversations, but ignore them all and focus on what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what you’re feeling.This strain evokes the potential to unlock a mild to extreme hunger, depending on mind state your’e  presently experiencing, as well as prior activity during the day.
After all of the food, the focus and energy needed to hold the focus, the high ventures down a long drawn-out feeling of being fatigued.
This would be an excellent choice of strain to smoke before ending the evening or aiding in stress.

My Recommendations:

Medical: Calms anxiety, creates Focus.
This strain possesses the ability to decrease anxiety, and hush the sounds and words that may exist in your head and life.


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