Meds are in.

I have been smoking marijuana since I was 25, but it wasn’t until I reached the ripe age of 31 when I actually needed it medically.

Don’t get me wrong, recreational marijuana is a great way to relax, or for whatever purpose others may use it for, but for all sakes and purpose, medically; depending on the ailment, is a godsent.

I was in a vehicle accident on March 9, 2009, at approximately 12:30pm. There was a bit of slush on the road; which were quickly melting into oblivion,  The sun was shining and blaring in recognition of spring!

As I hopped in my vehicle to embark on a short trip to the dollarstore, another individual had a similar idea; although I’m uncertain of their destination.

I made my way around a bend in the road, which housed another road joining the one I’m on, but garnished with a stop sign for oncoming traffic to enter.

I’m not sure if the individual did the proposed left-right checks for incoming vehicles, but I recall there was no stopping when he approached the stop sign.  I recognized quickly that he had no intentions of stopping, so I hit the breaks, threw my arm across towards the passenger seat; as a barrier for them, but I knew would ultimately do nothing, and I watched as my then puppy hit the passenger dashboard and land on the floor mat. 

Skidding, wheels locked, then finally impact.

I hit him on the driver side door.  A red GMC truck.  I was in a 2007 Mazda 6.  My car ended up as a write off.

Several sessions, and years of accupuncture, chiropractic services, massages, physiotherapy, and I’m just as broken today as I was then.  That’s not to say that those treatments didn’t help, because they definitely did, but they were a temporary help.  They helped in the moment.  Naproxen, and a slew of other medication were prescribed to me, but I turned them away and focused on a natural health repair.  I started to workout, and I believe that’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  That decision didn’t just help me physically, but also mentally; in terms of mental strengths and abilities.

As years went by and the workouts facilitated more strength in my life, I soon learned the medical properties that marijuana possessed, so I started to pair marijuana with my workouts!  I’m aware I said working out was the best thing, but working out with marijuana is by far the best.  Focused is established right from the starting gate of the workout, the will and want to push yourself further, the relaxation of the muscles while being worked is simply unexplainable.

I run marathons now, and workout 2-3 times per week, and I wouldn’t even think about performing my runs or workouts without my medication.

Thank you marijuana for this realization of your medical abilities, and for assisting in pushing myself further than I previously believed I could after such an accident.

In no way shape or form am I being paid to advertise or am I affiliated with cannafarms, however, noteworthy, I have chosen them as my compassionate dispensary, which is located in British Columbia.  I’ve been receiving medications exact to specifications since I had chosen them.


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  1. crazyruthie says:

    I have used mmj for years and it’s the best painkiller, certainly for chronic pain. My pain dr made me choose..He would give me big doses of Percocet and I would have to give up pot, even though it’s legal. They wanted to pee test me every month or so. I said F U, I’m keeping my medicine. I felt so much better using cannabis than narcotics.

    I’m really interested in what you were saying about using mmj go workouts. I had a friend who did and I couldn’t relate to the idea so I didn’t try it. I kept thinking it would put my head in a bad place since I really don’t like exercise.

    I have fibrmyagia and some spine problems, arthritis an asthma. My doctors all say the increased mobility exercise bring would be key to making me feel better.

    I ‘d like to do it by walking my dog (he’ll love it!). Problem is, I hurt so much it seems impossible. Do you think mmj would help?


    1. @420Talk says:

      In no shape, way or form am I a doctor, however, I do have extensive experience with Marijuana and the effects, along with the growth that exercise alone can provide.
      I typically describe it like this. Marijuana provides the relaxation that my head needs due from the constant thought that exist, while exercise works out my body, builds up the muscles that may be lacking in strength, which fatigues the muscles, and ultimately pairing the mind and body in fatigues, and strengths from how it was used. That’s been my experience for multiple years, which may prove different for others, but I would recommend giving it a try.
      Exercise for you and your dog is never a bad thing, unless the pain you’re experiencing is detrimental to your health, and not pain experienced from the muscles being worked out.

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      1. crazyruthie says:

        thanks! i didn’t expect professional advice, but you sounded like you had a lot of personal experience, which turns out to be true.
        your explanation makes sense. i’ll give it a try!

        the pain is from fibromyalgia, so i’m not injury and any pain i get from walking isn’t doing anything bad to my body, it’s just hard to put up with. that’s part of what i was thinking that mmj would ease the pain so i could do more walking. right now i can do about two minutes. srsly.


      2. @420Talk says:

        Im glad I was able to provide insight and potentially inspire!
        Keep me up with your progress. I would like to hear how you grow along this journey.

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      3. crazyruthie says:

        you’re awesome! i sure will. that motivates me to start today! it’s a pretty day, not too warm, nice and sunny. i’ll get baked and walk the puppy as much as i can without feeling horrible!


      4. crazyruthie says:

        I did it! I got stoned and took Mackie with me and walked about 20x further than I usually do with him! I started hurting towards the end, so I stopped. I was so focused on the feeling of being outside and moving around, my happy dog, and I didn’t get short of breath. πŸ˜ƒ

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      5. @420Talk says:

        That’s awesome and really good to hear.

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      6. crazyruthie says:

        I did it again today! I feel like shit, pain, anxiety, and flu like symptoms ( fibro does that). I went much less but I took some pictures and it wasn’t too bad. I’m kind of wiped out and that was 4 hours ago! I’m hanging out in bed listening to Bowie. πŸ™‚

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      7. @420Talk says:

        Keep doing it. Life and the things it houses never gets easier, you get stronger!

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      8. crazyruthie says:

        Thanks for the encouragement! I will keep trying! I’m determined to spend less time in bed. I have to be careful not to over do it cause it could take days to recover if I do too much. How is your Sunday?


      9. @420Talk says:

        Go at the pace that you find works for you, your body and life. The only way to find out what works, is by finding out what doesn’t!
        My Sunday has been great. I’m working a 10-10 shift at the group home I’m affiliated with. It’s a home for individuals with special needs; autism to be exact.
        My day here is almost completed, so I’ve been preparing and plotting the next bath of cannabutter I’ll be making, and working on the labels to place on the cannabis oils that I’ve made, so I can finally see if they’ll sell at my affiliates dispensary. I’m excited for these movements I’m making, and to see what the results will look like.
        How about your Sunday?


      10. crazyruthie says:

        That sounds fun! Are you making the oil and butter with different strains? That’s a long shift! Do you work full time. That sounds like a worthy job you’re doing. My Sunday was good. I hurt quite a bit, but I’m about to get stoned.πŸ‘πŸ˜„

        We we to see Logan, second time for me!


      11. @420Talk says:

        I’m not too sure who Logan is, but enjoy the Uplift! πŸ™. Stay high my friend!
        I work casual. I use to be full time, but with going to school, and the other jobs I do, casual is all I can spare with such a stretched out schedule.
        The cannabis oil is a combination of blue widow 23.1% THC/0.05% CBD. and Hindu Kush 17.5% THC/0.05 CBD. I think the combination will be good. Oh, and I used avocado oil, which is great for the skin for various uses.
        I’m in the process of working on a combination of strains to start working as soon as you wake up; to provide energy if lacking energy, then transition into latter part of the morning, another transition into early afternoon, then mid afternoon, then again to end/early evening and finally bed.
        I feel if I can find various combinations for different moods, different tolerances, different energy levels, it can help people with their fight, and ultimately get them back on track to a successful day, and maybe a better way of life.

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      12. crazyruthie says:

        Logan is Wolverine from the X-Men.

        That sounds fantastic, your blend and motivation. Impressive. πŸ™Œ

        I smoked what was left of a joint. Almost burnt my lips. I’m gonna have to get filters!

        Time for the bong! Do you cook with what you make?


      13. @420Talk says:

        Oh, wolverine! That was a fantastic movie. You’re talking about the new one I imagine?
        I love cooking with my butters and oils.
        I have some recipes that I’ve created. You know what, I think I may post them. There’s butter, oils, meatballs, cupcakes with a cognac icing, and a few others.
        Do you eat edibles?

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      14. crazyruthie says:

        Yes, I think it opened 2 weeks ago. It was killer. My husband was not into it. He said it was ok. Gah! It was my second time and I still cried at the end!

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      15. @420Talk says:

        I don’t blame you at all. I shed a couple of tears also. I questioned them as they made there way out of my eye socket, but it made sense why they happened.
        I do like how they humanized the mutants so you could feel along side with them.

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      16. crazyruthie says:

        Good point. They were good at showing how unsocialized Laura was. It was fun to see her kick the bad guys’ asses. I love Kung Fu movies, and that’s what her fighting moves reminded me of. Logan just wade’s through​ people, chopping them up. I love the scene where the kids cut his beard to look like wolverine.

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      17. @420Talk says:

        Lol. Ya. When Logan’s beard was cut that was pretty funny.

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      18. crazyruthie says:

        Omg the cupcakes and frosting sound so good! This is embarrassing but I’m going to tell the truth. I’m not “allowed” to have them. My husband, peter, says no. But truly, I don’t blame him. I’m not very nice when I have edibles, and he is the one who has to deal with me. It sucks because I love the feeling but then I hate the way I act towards him. Have you ever heard of that?

        I’m pretty old skool. I smoke flowers out of a bong I painted recently. πŸ™‚ Do you smoke as well as eat?


      19. @420Talk says:

        No, I have heard of mood being altered due specifically from edibles, however, I can see how it could happen. The key word for me is could, because its brand new to me. Edibles in the blood stream taken in and infested, rather than going through the lungs. That’s interesting for sure.
        I smoke joints. I’m not a fan of the finger stingers when it’s smoked too short, so I use filters; or rather coupons from solicitors in my mailbox. Lol
        What type of bong do you have? And what did you paint on it? I’m not a bong smoker, because I found I have a hard time regulating the inhale all at once. Too much enters my lungs and I find I get ripped too fast.

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      20. crazyruthie says:

        i like joints, but i can’t roll them. dunno if you saw my last post, but it’s about how my hands are messed up, so joint rolling is not something i can do. peter does it for me, but it’s kind of a bummer to have to ask him to stop what he’s doing and have him do that. i buy them at the dispensary sometimes, but they’re more expensive than i can get more than one or two of, if i’m going to buy enough flowers. i get money every two weeks, so i have to get enough for two weeks and that’s pretty expensive. i go through what seems like a lot to me, but not to others, dunno.

        i have a strait glass bong, probably 2′. it’s a bit bigger than i would like, but i wanted that shape and the glass is really thick, i need that because i always break delicate glass. i just painted it by pouring alcohol ink down it from the top, so it’s lots of colors of drips. i might do more with it. i used to have the same problem as you, but i got the hang of it. pipes are too harsh.

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      21. @420Talk says:

        I didn’t read your post about your hands, and I’m sorry to hear that. Are you solely referring to rolling them, because I have a joint rolling apparatus that I use. It’s a simple process, and I figure I’d bring it up, because you may not know about it. RAW makes them. I’m sure other companies do as well, but I know them to be a reputable company. I’m not advertising on their behalf.
        Do you have a picture of your bong?


      22. crazyruthie says:

        Yeah, just rolling is the problem. I’ve heard of one, but I never investigated. So they really work! Wow how cool! I know they have RAW products on Amazon. I’ll look! Thanks for the advice!!😊

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      23. @420Talk says:

        Not a problem.
        I took a video of the simplicity of the rolling apparatus to post. I’ll have that up sometime today.

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      24. crazyruthie says:

        that’s so cool! thank you! they’re extremely affordable. you were up early when you wrote this! i first saw it it was about 4am. i have what people with chronic pain call painsomnia…insomnia caused buy pain. my mouth still hurts and my back hurts…it’s pouring rain which makes me hurt a lot more.

        i think you told me this, where do you live?

        i hope you have a good day!


      25. @420Talk says:

        You have ailment after ailment, but I respect that you push yourself and keep taking the next steps in your life.
        I life in Barrie, Ontario. It’s about 88km north of Toronto.
        What about yourself?

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      26. crazyruthie says:

        Ikr? Everytime I get diagnosed with something new my husband says, just throw it onv vvthe pile! You have to cultivate not giving a fuck. Lol thanks! I have to push myself or I’d be in bed with bed sores from staying bed 24/7. I make myself leave the house at least once a day.

        I live in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s awesome here, but too crowded. They’re constantly building new houses! My town is creating a downtown . It’s gonna be about 2 blocks from my house!

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      27. @420Talk says:

        It’s been a bit since we’ve spoken, how are and have the walks been treating you and your health?


      28. crazyruthie says:

        Hi! It has. Time moves very slowly for me.

        I have been doing some stoned walking, though not every day. It’s good because my lowered inhibitions make it so being outside, in public is ok and I can deal with it well. ☺

        My health is so-so, but could be worse! My main problem now is depression.

        How’s the article going? and creating special strains? I hope you’re doing well!

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      29. @420Talk says:

        From the tone I’m picking up, it seems like things are going fairly well, but it’s difficult to actually make out tone in a written message. I wish you nothing but the best with the steps you take in your life.
        I’ve kept the article on the side burner because of how congested my life seems and is actually going. My internship has ended and I’m back full-time in school, along with working 2 jobs and running my own company; while teaching my cousin how to sell real estate. My plate feels full, if not spilling over already. Nothing I don’t believe I’m unable to manage, but it is a lot to manage and causes the feeling of being inhuman, because I’m confined to a strict schedule. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m racing for it. Hard!


      30. @420Talk says:

        How have you been doing, and how has your walking been treating you?


      31. crazyruthie says:

        btw, i posted a picture of my bong!

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      32. crazyruthie says:

        I do have a picture of my bong! I’d like to get a better one, but if I can’t, I’ll show you the one I have!


      33. @420Talk says:

        Ps: 2 minutes is better than unable to stand and bedridden. πŸ˜‰
        You’ll get the distance in your own time.

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      34. crazyruthie says:

        thanks for the support! ❀


      35. @420Talk says:

        You’re welcome.

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