Blue Dream Full Melt Bubble Hash

From the first inhale a taste that resembled a scent occurred.  There was no noticeable strong flavours to pin point the flavour, however, as the exhale of the smoke took place, a scented flavour begins to take shape; almost in your taste glands, but not quite. (The nose and mouth are connected)The flavour can be noted to be coming from the top of the throat area, in accordance with the Epiglottis. Once the Bic has been flicked to trigger the flame, and the flame was used to ignite the THC, a smooth trail of smoke travels up the bong, passed the lips, over the tongue, and down the throat.  Smooth is the best word to describe the way the smoke passes those avenues. it didn’t take long for a high to begin to overtake the moment.  I would put it approximately at 30 second after full inhalation for the recognition of the high. Whites seemed whiter, bright seemed brighter, almost if you could compare the euphoric effects of this high to that of a Deer lapping up water from a pond, in cartoon mode.
A Happiness is realized, which is why cartoon mode was used as a description.  Cartoons stir-up reminiscents of past times, of hopeful unrestricted fun and pleasure.  This was not a reminded of any particular instant of the past, but rather, the fun that can that exist in youthful years! Following the theme of fun in youthful years, playing can build up an appetite, and that is just what takes place 5 minutes after the inhale.  An appetite of a youth who has played 60 minutes of Hockey, and it is now time to allow the body to replenish itself from the excerpted energy.
From the want to eat food and restore, now comes an energy for movement, and thoughts that are paired with that movement energy. However, should you go against the physical movement, the energy may shift and spark mental movement; in the form of focus, pleasure, knowledge, an cognitive burst of energy.  Exploration into knowledge! To learn, to yearn, and to crave an understanding, or clarification into what one thinks they already knew. A few short snippets of documentaries, and the high was on the mids, which ultimately followed a similar feeling to the high, but at a lower degree. Then the low swept in. When the word “Low” is typically used in conjunction with “Highs” it is generally referring to how low you’ll feel after the high has diminishing and diminished, or grogginess, or lack of energy.
The total high, along with mids and lows lasted approximately 45 minutes.
The Low should bring you back to your state of energy level before you puff-puff and passed. Whether the energy travels physically to the body, or manifests itself mentally, this strain provides a well needed burst to the day.
I feel this strain would be great for those days when you wake up and feel “Off”, not quite yourself, not quite all together, not quite there; mentally.  Blue Dream Full Melt Bubble Hash could be a great pick me up to get you started for the day.


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  1. crazyruthie says:

    Not long ago I finished off an ounce of blue dream (flowers instead of hash) and I really enjoyed it. I like what you said about being something the will get you in the right frame of you feel slightly off. I get that feeling a lot cause I’m bipolar and this definitely put me in a good place. Happy smoking!


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