707 Head Band OG

707 Head Band.

The moment that I saw the white cloud of smoke leave my mouth, I knew this would be a great feeling. That statement spans from the other strain of headband that I’ve sampled before.  Headband is a fantastic strain on its own, but when the Hybrid element of 707 is added in the mix, the effects are heavenly.

I felt like a speeding vintage Southern Pacific F-Unit Locomotive that is operates on steam, and has achieved max speed.  As the coal burns in the heating system, which is located in the front of the beast.  The energy is passed through all of its operating systems needed for propulsion, and when in complete unison, the locomotive flies on clanking steel tracks beneath the body, attached to the spoke. One track, one destination. A focus that’s unparalleled.

The beast that may live silently in your life has now 300 spartan kicked The collisium style doors wide open. Think of the movie “gladiator”; starring Russell Crowe.

With nothing preventing it to shield itself any longer, it transforms you and takes over. That once forgotten identity takes the lead and confidently knows who he/she is.

Everything is irie, it’s one love for self. A passion to romance self, indulge and immerse yourself into yourself, to know who you are, to push who you are and broaden those limits, and help to momentarily define who self is. Self is never truly defined, it’s dynamic and ever changing. “Self” changes more then a person living with an OCD for clean dishes, and also has diagnosed with Pika; which triggers a synapse in the brain to continually eat and rarely feel full.

An empty head. Noise has stopped. The ability to not only recall what self wants, but also the ability to see who self is fighting to be. To want to grow in a mental capacity.

My agenda is what matters, and the agenda’s that may have been imposed on you may no longer seem as big as they once were.

There was so much strength that was coming out. Working out was one release of that strength. Dubstep and 1990’s Hip Hop, along with mixes including Rihanna – Hopeless play (signifying the inward battle for self recognition), Rich Gang – Lifestyle (the fight to get to where you’re going) was the playlist of choice. The great classic hits of Lauryn Hill – Everything is everything, Craig Mack – Flava in your ears .In recognizing self-strength, a moment may happen where you experience a mind and body separation, in the sense that youre more focused inwardly on the cognitive side of things. Mentally attacking your doubts, spartan kicking those “I’m not worth it” doubts, and the “how do I keep smiling” questions down the well. Striking “I’m not strong enough” with a right hook directly on his chin. His body instantly stricken with such intense pain, that it collapses into an induced deep-sleep, with no other answer to what just happened.

To feel at ease and on top of your life, as well as in control of what’s going on around you, as if the daily agenda doesn’t present as a chore any longer, but rather, in the new light as things that should be completed, and checked off if you’d like free time with your life.

This strain, in my personal opinion; because everyone experiences there high differently, but facilitate similar properties in high durations, focus, and energies, but for all sakes and purposes, this is my opinion. This strain is the Mecca to Hinduism, Jesus to Christianity, the returning aliens aliens in Scientology, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster to the Pastafarians.

Recently I was privileged to have my friend @Sbalm86 (Steve Balmer) come by to assist  me with indulging in Marijuana, as well as a keen eye for photography. He brought over a few Macro lenses to enhance the close-up quality and I believe he has brought the photography quality up a few more notches.

Thanks for the shoot @Sbalm86
Buds Supplied by: @weemoji




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