100km Run

I’ve had this idea to run from Barrie, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario, which is approximately 100 kilometer between each other.  I have a monster of a run ahead of me and I have no idea how to train for it.
Allow me to provide a background into my running history.
I’m not a noob by any means, but I have never attempted a run of this size.
I’ve competed in the Spartan Run 3 times, Warrior Dash 2 times, Tough Mudder once, ran the Barrie 1/2 Marathon, Relay for Life all night walk to support Cancer Research, CIBC Run for the Cure in Barrie, Ontario, as well as frequent runs on my own.
I’ve watched a few videos, exercised options to consider when planning for my training, but I’m still so uncertain, because I have never done a run at this magnitude. I’m open to options, please submit suggestions to my Facebook or follow me on the blog to keep up with training and tips if you have any.
Thank you all!
One thing that will remain the same through out the entirety of the training process, is my medicinal use. Before leaving for any run, no matter the size, I light up.
There are particular strains that my heart beats for prior to a run would be 707 Headband OG, Head Band, and Train Wreck to facilitate the needed energy and muscle relaxation to endure the run without my body falling apart, or even self recognition of the pain that may exist throughout the body.
Running while under the influence of Marijuana creates a Zen like state. The first couple of Kilometers are usually the hardest; I find, because you’re trying to engage the auto-pilot, or the zen state where Awareness of pain, awareness or body, awareness of self may overtake the mind, rather than feeling the pain itself. It provides an insight to where I need to spend more energy; stretching, or pain from the day, a potential injury I may not have been aware of, etc. With attention on myself, I can now perform a body scan. I typically start from the Big Toe, and work my way up the body system. The Shins, knees, thighs, waist, hips, core, chest, arms, and finally my head.
Generally about 3-5 kilometers in I’ve hit my Zen state, which all depends on how frequently I’ve trained, because that’ll determine how quickly I can arrive in the Zen state. If I’ve neglected to run, the zen state takes a bit longer, but if I have been running constantly, my mind can achieve the state much quicker and for a longer period of time.
Once I’ve arrived in my head and I’ve had a recognition of how I feel, I can pull myself out of the feeling and begin to break the feeling(s) down. The correct term is “Compartmentalize”. Essentially, I’m organizing my thoughts that spiral around in my head. I slow the thought down; whatever that thought is, and once it has slowed enough, I grab it, don’t look at it, and place it into an imaginary box; almost like a moving box or an organizing box. I’ll do this with all the thoughts that pummeled my head during the day, whether good or bad, I don’t discriminate.
Once all the thoughts have been placed into their new temporary home, I’ll stack the boxes on top of each other by importance, and begin to open the individual boxes one-by-one and address that particular issue, or that feeling, or what I may have projected or falsified in my head and ultimately my life.
After all the boxes and thoughts that reside in that box have been attended to, my mind hits a state where it soars and creativity is stimulated to take place. I don’t ask for it, I don’t search for it, it comes to me, and I’m so thankful it does! I now have all the time in the world, or at least the run, to think about whatever my Mind would like to think about.

This 100 KM Run is set to take place end of August, and i’ll have more conclusive dates once I am more familiar with my school calendar.
I have a route selected, thanks to Google Earth, so I figure I’ll hop in my car and drive the route to see what will be expected along the way.
My plan is to have the MapMyRun app; found on Android and IOS devices, tracking the overall run of where I’ve been, as well as having Apple Maps open, and set to the walking GPS tracker to keep me on track with the route that I had selected, unless it finds a shorter one.

One thing that keeps coming back to haunt me is Toiletry.
How Will I defecate? Or rather, where will I be able to?

My Equipment Bag:
*Yoga Mat
*Granola Bars
*Gummy Bears
*Portable iPhone charger
*Powerade Bottle
*Corn pads (in case of skin chaffing)
*First Aid Kit
*ID (Should something happen to me)
*Toilet Paper
*Baby Wipes

I have contacted my sister who will be tracking my Run, as well as waiting for daily confirmation of my location, and if I need help in any shape way or form; a Hospital run maybe.
I have planned for a friend to ride a bike along side with me, so this may be a big feat for them on the bike as well. They’ll have the Bag with equipment, as well as be the first to response should something not go as planned.

** Please provide suggestions
I look forward to hearing what you have to offer into this run!

All Cannabis Oils I will have with me are made by me.  If you’d like to Order some, please don’t hesitate to send a message, or should you be near the Pearson Airport, you can pick some up at PharmaCann, located at

Drew Rd,
Mississauga, Ontario
Times: 11:00am – 8:00pm

Facebook: Michael Sweeney
IG: @420talk

Marijuana provided by: @PharmaCann



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