Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush

When I felt the texture and felt a slight moistness, and buoyancy, a HUGE grinch like grin appeared on my face!

Young 20’s. My early smoking years. I was 25 when I had my first hit, but it did absolutely nothing for me because I didn’t inhale. Let me explain. I inhaled a breath of fresh marijuana smoke, but harboured it in my mouth, in my cheeks like a chipmunk who found is nut as his going to snatch up that nut and make a break home before another squirrel sees.

In my case it did me no justice. I exhaled, and a puffy white cloud that hadn’t seen lungs blew out. The person I was with said I’ll feel nothing from that hit?

I was puzzled. I felt I did it right, little to my knowledge, I was so far off.

I was instructed and walked through the process in realtime as I hit the joint.

1. Flick the lighter, and light the lighter.

2. Hold the joint away from your body, and light the tip furthest away from you. So I did.

When the joint was lit, he then said “now that you have the tip lit, put the non lit part of the joint in your mouth. And try not to drool or get too much saliva on it, others want to hit also. As stupid as I felt, it instantly made sense. That’s not something a virgin smoker may think about.

I chuckled and put the billowing joint to my lips.

With my lips sealed around the filtered end of the joint, i Inhaled slowly, as to not choke my throat from the smoke congregating around the back of the throat. Open your throats with a breath and allow the smoke to enter your lungs.

When you exhale you’ll see a translucent smoke leave your mouth. Not a full white puffy cloud like my first attempt.

Not 2 minutes later did I feel the effects of the THC interacting with the slower moving dopamine traveling through my head.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt good, Fantastic. A wave of dizziness swept through so I laid down to catch up to the spirals of euphoria.

Strawberry Kush is a blast from the past, and deserves to hold that title; in my experience at least.

A calming feeling, smiles for no apparent reason, and a sense of “Let it go” blankets your thoughts.

This is a good strain before activities such as Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, tai chi. Activities that connect mind and body.

Photography by: @420Talk & @Nicxox94


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