Afghani Hash

Afghani Hash

The Pull from the pipe was smooth.  I could feel the smoke traveling alone the esophagus
down the throat and to its final destination in the lungs.  As the lungs filled up to their capacity, I could feel a slight burning sensation in the epiglottis region of the throat, but nothing to harsh.  Only a simple notice of the burn had taken place.
The scent was along the lines of the traditional memorial incents used in the asian culture on their prayer stands.
When the high arrived, after what seemed like 10 seconds post inhale, the high seemed to be over, but I imagine it’s part of this strains charm, because it wasn’t over, it had only begun.  The sensation and effects of the high, such as happy feelings, pleasant thoughts and the fact that food was around caused that sense to kick in also, however, the high reminded me of an Ahem; a tickled throat clearing at best.
I noticed the socialability that transformed inside of me as the high ran its course.  The liar, the voice that tells you all the negative things that can beat you up inside, takes a nap.  This strain tackles negative thoughts,
creates a clearer focus, and spreads a king size blanket of good feeling throughout the body, but at an intensity level of no more than a squeak, but the high is there.  This was quite the welcome feeling!  The Burglar that robs you without you knowing they’re there.
To have continuous effect of this hash you would need a fairly decent quantity, but nothing too substantial.  For approx. 45mins-1 hour, with intervals of smoking to sustain the strength and intensity of the effects.

Hash Provided by: @Weemoji
Photography by: 420Talk


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