Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush
When I felt the texture and felt a slight moistness, and buoyancy, a HUGE grinch like grin appeared on my face!
Young 20’s.  My early smoking years.  I was 25 when I had my first hit, but it did absolutely nothing for me because I didn’t inhale.  Let me explain.  I inhaled a breath of fresh marijuana smoke, but harboured it in my mouth, in my cheeks like a chipmunk who found is nut as Is going to snatch up that nut and make a break home before another squirrel sees.
In my case it did me no justice.  I exhaled, and a puffy white cloud that hadn’t seen lungs blew out.  The person I was with said I’ll feel nothing from that hit?
I was puzzled.  I felt I did it right, little to my knowledge, I was so far off.
I was instructed and walked through the process in realtime as I hit the joint.
1.  Flick the lighter, and light the lighter.
2. Hold the joint away from your body, and light the tip furthest away from you.  So I did.

I chuckled and put the billowing joint to my lips.
With my lips sealed around the filtered end of the joint, i Inhaled slowly, as to not choke my throat from the smoke congregating around the back of the throat.  Open your throats with a breath and allow the smoke to enter your lungs.
When you exhale you’ll see a translucent smoke leave your mouth.  Not a full white puffy cloud like my first attempt.
Not 2 minutes later did I feel the effects of the THC interacting with the slower moving dopamine traveling through my head.
I wasn’t sure what to do.  I felt good, Fantastic.  A wave of dizziness swept through so I laid down to catch up to the spirals of euphoria.
Strawberry Kush is a blast from the past, and deserves to hold that title; in my experience at least.
A calming feeling, smiles for no apparent reason, and a sense of “Let it go” blankets your thoughts.
This is a good strain before activities such as Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, tai chi.  Activities that connect mind and body.

Photography By: 420Talk



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