Alien OG

Alien OG 

This strain offers up a heavenly flavour that sticks to the tongue and the back of the throat.  

From the moment the smoke had found new home lining the back of the lung walls, which almost instantaneously transported the THC to the already firing dopamine.

The next few thoughts that entered my mind were engulfed with promiscuity and sexuality. As blood quickly began to increase in flow throughout my vein system, the end result was the erogenist switch being turned to on.

I knew what I wanted. My body knew what it wanted.

Day 2.
I figured I’d follow up after last nights rush and see if it was a continued feeling again or a new experience.  

I recognized that this strain is definitely a hybrid, and after some light research that theory was proven.

This Hybrid is indica dominant, but don’t let the “Dominant” term fool you. The sativa shows up like a shot of expresso to provide a quick burst of energy; which is what I experienced the night before, then the indica practically pulls back the sheets and blanket to your bed, and tucks you in for a restful nights sleep.

While laying down with the lights shut off, the room, or what I perceived as the room began to swirl and spin, but not in a bad way, but in a reminiscent of Alice in wonderland when she finds herself chasing the door door; which gradually gets further and further, and the surrounding environment begins to spiral and swirl around her.

I laid in bed with an unexplained goofy smile until I fell asleep.

Photography by: @420Talk

Bong provided by: @nicxox94


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