Purple Kush

It was April 11, 2016 when purple Kush was welcomed back into my life. While on a hike and I smoked my joint, I began to write, and I wrote my first entry into my journal about how marijuana affects me.This was the extent of my entry.
“Purple Kush

helps relax mind & body to assist with public speaking and emotion control.”
I believe I wrote that entry the day I had Dynamic Presentation in college, for aviation management.
Fast-forward almost a year later and we’ve been blessed to cross paths again. 

Such a cerebral strain. Relaxation and a clear head towards the outwardly world are the result of the smoke lining the lung inner walls.

Normally I practice yoga on a regular basis while following “Yoga with Adrienne”, but there has been a week break in the routine for no real, other than fatigue throughout the week. Ive mentally checked out of what’s bothering me, the fact that I am fatigued, and now those factors exist as an acknowledgement, rather then being handcuffed in my life and a continuous recognition.

I am currently under the weather with a stomach virus, which has allowed diarrhea and near vomitting to control the flow of the day.

At approximately 5:25pm/1727 local time (Toronto) I had taken emodium; which aids in calming the stomach from being extremely vulgar and dictating your proximity to a safe haven. I had also swallowed a cup (250ml) of ginger ale; which I don’t normally do, but ginger also helps with stomach discomfort by massaging the internal gases.

At 7:01pm/1901 I rolled an element paper into the shape of a joint, packed with a bed of purple Kush, and allowed it to take over and work its wonders for the remainder of the evening.

I surrendered to its power!

I could see fatigue for what it really was, my inability to make it to sleep quick enough, while checking off my tasks for the day. Nope! I will not allow another day to control me, I need to be the controller and not let external factors control me.

I was finally in good standing with time to welcome Adrienne back into my evening. While performing some of the movements I had recognized that my left foot muscle, located just above the arch, below ball of the ankle, the muscle wouldn’t let loose and a spasm sauntered into routine. That’s alright, I’ll modify my moves to accommodate for the right muscle.

I did notice that my stomach had taken a turn and was noticeably returning conversation to an acceptable inside voice. I cannot attribute the change in stomach-storm solely to purple Kush, because there are elements that skew the information, so whatever the main element was, purple Kush was still in the mix and brought slowed me down.

Such a wonderful high and adventure this strain takes you on.
The Menu.

This strain would pair well with 707 Headband OG during the peak of the day, then taper off and begin to slow down with strawberry Diesel to evoke the hunger, jack herer after dinner, and to complete the pairing would be Purple Kush 1hr-45 minutes before bed.

1.Khruangbin – a calf born in winter

2.Popcaan – high all day

3.Death in vegas – help yourself ft. Hope Sandoval

4. Jane XO – Lies

5. Mad season – all alone


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