Training for the run

Holy hell. Now that’s what I’m talking about.I’m 7km away from my personal best distance.

I hit my first 20km distance 3years ago, which seems like an eternity when I reflect back on it, and the time needed to accomplish that feat. I was at the peak of my life; for that period, and now I want to crush it. I want to make that past victory minuscule. The 2nd time I ran had reached such heights, I ran in my first 1/2 marathon. Nothing and no one could stop me. When I hit my zone I was out. To this who are not aware of how the zone works or essentially what it is. It’s a state of mind, a peaceful place where everything is right and what your body has come accustomed to, it just does without the necessary thought to control it. Your mind focused on what you need to do to accomplish what you’re doing. For example, if I experience pain in my life from love, or if I had a good day, my mind will organize the negative and find a way to make it right, find a way to eliminate what bothers me so I can put all, or at least what seems like most of my focus on what’s going right in my life. The more I see and notice what I’m doing right, the easier it becomes, because I’m practicing it. I’m training, not only mind body, but my mind.

It has been proven that more “Grey matter” is formed, or created in the brain; which parts of the brain I’m not sure, but I do recall that it assists and aids in memory retention and recollection. For someone who sees them self as an individual with a terrible disposition for their life, or what has been going right in your life, this may be a way to help reconstruct and reinvent who you are.

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