As I felt the lemon pine scented, white heavenly cloud filled with molecules of Tetrahydrocannabinod brush across my tongue, some of the molecules found a couple new homes.  The first place it marked its scent was my tongue.  the flavour scented Sativa tasted just like it smelled.  The remaining smoked raced down the pharynx with the speed of an unnoticed automated bodily inhale.  Into the trachea, and diverging into 2 parted lungs, each harboring bronchials ready to receive the criminally escaped THC.  Jetting beyond the left and right bronchus, and still deeper in to the upper, middle and lower lobe of the lungs to move in and pleasantly invade your body and head.

I tried to dig a little deeper to determine the pathway in which the THC travels inside the body, jumping ship in the bloodstream, and finally up in the brain and create imagery in the explanation, but I had a difficult located spefiic videos or texts embodying exactly that.  What I did find was “How weed works: THC”, THC in your system for 30 days, “Cannabis is in your DNA”.  that last one sounds interesting but it still wasn’t my search query.  I tried my search with this string. The path way THC and CBD travels through the human body and gets to the brain.  I wanted an indepth look at how it gets Joint to euphoria, and visually have it make sense.

I believe i’m keen on how Marijuana affects me, and I only say that based off of experience, and the fact that i’m able to breakdown I mindset begings to change, and because i’m able to realize how much farther I am able to push myself without feeling the physical pain.  I definitely recognize it is there, but the pain doe not affect what i’m doing, or where i’m going, or even how I choose to get there, because I’m mindful of it.  I’m able to flick the switch and turn off the pain.  or rather, the marijuana provides the aid to even facilitate that abilty, and turn it into an after thought that doesn’t need much attention.

What I want to know, is how the trichomes create that effect.  what is in them?  like most people, myself included, I throw around the words “THC, and CBD” and talk about them as if I completely understand them, but trust me, I’m far from that.  The amount I understand about that area, can be compared to using your hands and attempting to dig to China from North america.  I know absolutely nothing about it, and I guess this is my confession.

This strain bings out enlightenment, and an energy of truth and fulfillment.  I feel at peace, and this is an 1 hour and ten minutes into the high.

at 7:30pm I decided to capture this strain and memoralize it using my Nikon D5200, Macro ring flash in hand.  After the photoshoot I knew the best part of the review was ahead of me.  “Time to smoke!”; I audibly shouted that sentiment, the same time I was writing it.

When the high kicked in, all I wanted to do was Run, and then ignore the surrounding world, and learn.  Which is the purpose for this article.

This brings me to now; 9:39pm, and my thoughts have been caught up to speed with my present movement, my reality, and not the past in retelling how I got here.

This is a fantastic flower to exercise during periods of for concentration and study, and even at times when you’ll need to focus, or you are looking for focus.  Mindfulness is a soothing feeling which is birthed within this exquisite blossom.

This strain can turn you into the type of person who smokes, then outwarrd and expressively interupt anyone around them  in the proximatey of their environment to let others know they are high.

Photography by: @420talk

Buds by: @weemoji


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