Random incomplete thoughts


This is the beginning of a global domination for marijuana. Global domination for the many glorious uses to marijuana medically, recreationally, and fuck, the “why not” moments simply because it’s in front of you.Marijuana on the job may prove to be a helpful guidance system in some fields, and may be hiding a second face deep below the surface. Every Jekyll has their Hyde.

When you think of it. I mean the type of thought that takes you transports you into a land such as Narnia, the possibilities are endless. The surface seemed so trivial until you recognize the complexities of what lies beneath.

How could anyone be so daft to think that this beautiful plant that saves so many lives, can be the heat all and end all. To every light a darkness can emanate. What helps me may not help you, and the same can be said oppositely.

I believe marijuana will go one to do so many good things for people and their health issues and ailments. But on the other hand I also recognize that there can be allergies to this plant and painful side affects can exist. A marijuana allergy. What does that look like? What parts of the body and psychological makeup are altered temporarily or permanently? Altered with no definitive idea into what that may look like; because the possibilities right now are endless. The first of many Narnia thoughts flash through my head.

When we find out what long term affects and use can possibly look like, a few ideas come to mind. We can go on to be completely successful in our life, and marijuana may have been a part of that success, or you can be a complete failure, in many regards. This said without a judgement bias to the reason that person was a failure, or what failure means to you at different stages in your life.

Money squandered, hooked on something with no addictive qualities. A person has the capacity to be an addiction to another person to the extreme that one could commit suicide, but we don’t view that as an addiction, it’s a persons mental disability. Wait, WHAT?. That’s one of those things that make me go hmm..

WOW!! That was an awesome thought. Haha!

So let’s put marijuana in the place of a person. You love it, it wakes up with you in the morning, its with you as you eat breakfast, brushed your teeth, assisted you as you chose your morning outfit, and offered up suggestions on your day attire. Helped you remember or forget where your car keys were left from the night before, then sped down the road in your car; if you remembered where the keys were.

Have there been stats pulled or made relating to vehicle accidents caused by incapacitation or affects stemming from marijuana. What does the comparison of marijuana related accidents look like?

Is there strength that shows more accidents can, have or will occur due to being under the influence of marijuana, or are these looked at with a speculative eye. What does the data say?
Toronto population in 2016 was 2.81 million, Toronto population 2017 is ?

It’s currently 2017 which means there is no completed total population yet.  That’ll come end of the year.

How many accidents happened in Toronto in 2016 vs. 2017.

How many accidents happened where marijuana was a key, or the key indicator. Not just being under the influence, but Marijuana. Marijuana either played a roll or was the main contributor.

I chose 2016 because marijuana was still illegal in this year and population will be close in proximity to that of 2017, so the close numbers in years will show the closest in strengths in the numbers, so the number with the higher of the 2 strengths will show give the answer.

Toronto (Ont.) in 2013 there were  5,967.2, in 2014 there stood 6,054.9, in 2015 6,123.9 and finally in 2016 there were 6,242.3.

The Toronto Marijuana march was today and I believe and feel this day will be one of those staple days spoken about for years to come.  Generation after generation teaching the young about what their normal everyday life will be, but what it took for that normality to exist.
These are some random string of thoughts that existed in my head today.  Hope you enjoyed.


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