Shatter chocolate

The taste was a nice milk chocolate flavour, mild in taste and just the right amount of milkiness.

There was an undertone of marijuana and shatter, but the chocolate flavour led the pack.

What seemed to be in no time, was actually 30 minutes passing in lapsed time, the effects welcomed themselves into my head.

It started off in a physiological manner with a smirk, then that smirk grew and became a smile. I couldn’t stop smiling, as if I was a 9th grader who’s new to marijuana and just lit a joint to smoke. After smoking they usually wear a permasmile as an effect from the tumble weed they were sold. Tumble weed is simply not strong weed, but it does the job!

10 minutes after the grin began, I could see my heart beat. I couldn’t literally see it, but with every beat the sound grew increasingly louder, so my ears honed in on the thud, my mind concentrated on the visual, while my eyes starred off into oblivion.

Tolerability would be the one word I would use to describe how I feel from this high. Tolerability in the sense that it seems easier to find calming thoughts, and noticing the simplicities that life has to offer.

The smell of a flower, hearing in the distance the sound of a lawn mower cutting down to size early spring grass.

Im couch locked with no distractions in my face; other than the phone I’m writing this review on, no internal auditory intrusions, and no stimulus from movements in the close proximity and peripherals. I’m good, I’m quite content.

I don’t quite recall the last time just sitting on the couch and listening to life, looking outside the window to peer into the lives of others, and just recognize how astounding life is. Life creates eco-systems within eco-systems, so it truly is never looked at the same. Each individual being on this planet has their own story to tell.

Yup, I’m high!

Laughing historically as I said that out loud. This high is fantastic.

Thoughts now seemed on the funnier side of things.

On my vehicle I had a brake light that was burnt out. I had purchased a new bulb a few days before writing this article. I figured now was the time to change it, so I did. On a few occasions I noticed that I was focused, but a different type of focus. I was and could zone out from unscrewing the nuts, placing the nuts in a neat order to put them back on exactly where they came from, to unboxing the amber number 1157, single element bulb, and replacing it with the old one.

I was zoned. Where was I? I couldn’t quite describe it. There wasn’t much of anything going on. No imagery, visions, just a zone when you’re on auto pilot.

Without notice, I managed to eat over 4,500 calories for the day. To be fair and have that number make sense and not seem like such an astonishing number. I worked out for 2 hours this morning. Cardio and muscle growth.


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