Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush When I felt the texture and felt a slight moistness, and buoyancy, a HUGE grinch like grin appeared on my face! Young 20’s. My early smoking years. I was 25 when I had my first hit, but it did absolutely nothing for me because I didn’t inhale. Let me explain. I inhaled a…

100km Run

One thing that will remain the same through out the entirety of the training process, is my medicinal use. Before leaving for any run, no matter the size, I light up.

707 Head Band OG

707 Head Band. The moment that I saw the white cloud of smoke leave my mouth, I knew this would be a great feeling. That statement spans from the other strain of headband that I’ve sampled before.  Headband is a fantastic strain on its own, but when the Hybrid element of 707 is added in…

Blue Dream Full Melt Bubble Hash

I feel this strain would be great for those days when you wake up and feel “Off”, not quite yourself, not quite all together, not quite there; mentally.  Blue Dream Full Melt Bubble Hash could be a great pick me up to get you started for the day

Meds are in.

I have been smoking marijuana since I was 25, but it wasn’t until I reached the ripe age of 31 when I actually needed it medically. Don’t get me wrong, recreational marijuana is a great way to relax, or for whatever purpose others may use it for, but for all sakes and purpose, medically; depending…

Strawberry Diesel

A hint of burning coal, followed by an after flavour of mild sweetness is found while inhaling. You’ll notice an instant mellowing of your mood.  If you find you’re typically an extrovert, an introvert my be allowed to live during this high.  It’s quite easy to have music on and drift away in what the…

Couldn’t wait

Here it is, now 6:11pm and I couldn’t wait to finish work and get home to setup my photo shoot of the newest buds which have come in. Strawberry Diesel; which I have already written about and sampled, so I’ll post that review in a few hours.  Neptune OG and Original 707 Headband, along with…


This strain is picturesque of being sativa dormant, because the uplifting, energy is at the forefront of this Indica dominant strain, however

420 Talk

These reviews are carried out by a group of individuals; including the writer

Moroccan Hash

A welcomed pleasant anxiety feeling may be experience within the chest as mild-heaviness, which is noticeable, but not heavy as in weight in life, but the contrary, as in self satisfaction.

Thank You!

Shout-Out and Thank You To Tom & Mike of Weemoji.

Super Sour Diesel

This strain may assist in bringing out the person that exists inside of you and allow them the chance to breathe.