Strawberry Kush

When the joint was lit, he then said “now that you have the tip lit, put the non lit part of the joint in your mouth. And try not to drool or get too much saliva on it, others want to hit also. As stupid as I felt, it instantly made sense. That’s not something a virgin smoker may think about.


Afghani Hash

The Pull from the pipe was smooth. I could feel the smoke traveling alone the esophagus
down the throat and to its final destination in the lungs

Marijuana and me

Hm. Marijuana, the wonder drug.  You Use to be my best friend, now you’re that distant friend who only calls on me when you need something.  That’s not how this relationship works. We use to hangout, take drives; we even drove across Canada from Toronto, ontario to Slave Lake, Alberta, and we still broke bread…


Shatter chocolate The taste was a nice milk chocolate flavour, mild in taste and just the right amount of milkiness. There was an undertone of marijuana and shatter, but the chocolate flavour led the pack. What seemed to be in no time, was actually 30 minutes passing in lapsed time, the effects welcomed themselves into…

Random incomplete thoughts

This is the beginning of a global domination for marijuana. Global domination for the many glorious uses to marijuana medically, recreationally, and fuck, the “why not” moments simply because it’s in front of you.Marijuana on the job may prove to be a helpful guidance system in some fields, and may be hiding a second face…


en the high kicked in, all I wanted to do was Run, and then ignore the surrounding world, and learn. Which is the purpose for this article.

Personal size Cannabis Pizza

Ingredients: 2 tbsp Alfredo Sauce per pita 1/3 chopped spinach 3-4 marijuana meatballs 3 leafs of fresh shredded basil 1/2 green pepper Shredded cheese Recipe by @420talk ​​

Training for the run

Holy hell. Now that’s what I’m talking about.
I’m 7km away from my personal best distance

Purple Kush

It was April 11, 2016 when purple Kush was welcomed back into my life. While on a hike and I smoked my joint, I began to write, and I wrote my first entry into my journal about how marijuana affects me.This was the extent of my entry. “Purple Kush helps relax mind & body to…

Alien OG

While laying down with the lights shut off, the room, or what I perceived as the room began to swirl and spin, but not in a bad way, but in a reminiscent of Alice in wonderland when she finds herself chasing the door door; which gradually gets further and further, and the surrounding environment begins to spiral and swirl around her.

Cannabis Oil Production!

I’ve been experimenting with cannabis oils, cannabis butters, cannabis food, cannabis dog treats. I pretty much have my hands in most things cannabis, so I figure it’s time.